Due to the overwhelming need and a shortage of funding, we will be distributing cards to the California area only.  

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Many people are faced with the battle of cancer and the hardships that the disease brings including the treatment, side effects, and especially the cost. With all that they have to go through, no one should face cancer alone. Small steps can be made to help one fight their battle and the little acts of kindness can truly add up.

                Deborah Knoll came to this realization most recently in October 2012 after breast cancer took the life of one of her closest friends. Knoll wanted to make a difference and help those with cancer. But instead of just simply donating to cancer organizations, Knoll began raising money for patients by selling home-baked English muffin bread at $5 a loaf. With the money raised from the bread, Knoll purchased gasoline gift cards and sent them to those undergoing treatment to help ease the cost of the gas spent on trips to the hospital. Donations came in from all over the world and Knoll realized that people were eager to help even if they didn’t get something in return. She then stopped selling her bread and focused her time on becoming a non-profit organization, meaning that all of the profits benefit the patients directly and she cannot be reimbursed for any of the profits. She then founded Simple Loaf of Bread (SLOB) with her slogan, “Spreading cheer to cancer patients one fuel card at a time” which is exactly what she did and more.

                A year later in October of 2013, Deborah Knoll’s son was faced with a cancer scare of his own. This close call made Deborah Knoll realize again, for a second time how many people are affected by cancer. In response, Knoll then started Tween’kle Toes. This was to spread cheer specifically to the teens and "Tweens" (12-19 year olds -the often forgotten group of cancer warriors) during their struggle. She purchased all kinds of gift cards and gifts for this age group and would organize groups of non-diagnosed teens to deliver them to the hospitals so that people all over the community could help make a difference. Along with this, Knoll would host wrapping parties where people would join together and help wrap the presents so that their gift would be a surprise. The gifts are donated all throughout the year to bring the patients cheer at any point along their battle. And if a patient is having an especially hard time or just needs support along the way, Knoll will take the name and address or hospital of any aged patient and send a card with some encouraging words directly to that person in order to raise their spirits.

                Today, Deborah Knoll, with the help from many people, has raised about $69,000. She has touched the lives of thousands of patients and continues to do so while also growing awareness as well.


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